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LED knowledge

Top 10 Mistakes that LED industry is easy to enter
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-7

LED Industry is easy to enter the Top 10 Mistakes

LED industry development difficult, but still easy to step into some Mistakes, so the LED enterprises need to be alert following 10 Mistakes.

Mistake 1: High price

LED industry to high-tech industries today or what? Undoubtedly want to draw a question mark. An individual can produce LED, high technology does it go? At most, one or several aspects of the technical threshold is high point Bale. LED products or expensive products it? Has come to "no minimum only lower" the point, certainly not a high-priced product. Grade can be appropriately priced, not too expensive already. Still doing "high profit dream" business too vigilant. Generic Products era is coming soon, LED is just a "light bulb" or decorations, only.

Mistake 2: Too Cheap

No high-priced, low-cost and do that then? Does not work! Only the right price is the inevitable choice. Too cheap to be suicide, increasingly unable to meet China's enterprises to survive the environment. Also must be pointed out, LED large industrial era generic products coming soon, small businesses have to work hard in the decorative function.

Mistakes 3:  Blindly to be bigger and stronger

Now many companies whether they have no strength, are clamoring for quick bigger and stronger. GB did not come out in the era of confusion, turbulent environment, companies must become bigger and stronger is a large area of ​​wishful thinking. Easy to earn a little money, lack of foundation blueprint. Unless, as on the ground as "another way."

Mistake 4 : Marketing Channel construction

Marketing Channel is indeed present, the LED industry's most difficult problem, no matter how much companies have suffered huge bottleneck today. Can traditional lighting sales giant serves decent LED, and still is a big selling giant? Here too draw a question mark. Large dealers reluctant to sell or to sell well, small dealers you are unwilling to sell to him, this is a misunderstanding. Future LED channel champion, is not necessarily the traditional sales giants. Therefore melee times, channels to be flexible, to adhere to diversity, a variety of modes.

Mistatke 5: only for Brand Building

Channel construction, today is the relentless effort to the next. If you do a lot of money, most of the money spent is the channel construction. It must be noted that the channel construction, we must adhere to actual situation. That is, on the one hand to be massive, trails pocketed the eye, on the other hand Plough.

Mistakes 6:  Blindly investment

Do not think that the rich and powerful, invest in LED will certainly succeed, in fact, necessarily. Do not understand the industry status quo, not the right remedy, is not alarmist huge investment for naught. Prospective bidders, investment Dehen be successful.

Mistake 7: Utilitarian

Everyone wants to get rich quick return on investment, but the LED is not a get rich quick in the industry, therefore, for quick results when the ring.

Mistakes 8:  blindly expansion

That earn a little money good luck to come, pay attention to study changes in the market, there is no accurate estimate prospectively, most drastic in, may come out naked.

Mistakes 9: Blind optimism

Development of LED lighting is now a curve, not a straight line, so do not put one o'clock successful as I. success. Do not think that over a ridge on the Yunkai sunrise, in fact chosen profession is a protracted war, so enterprises should attach sober.

Mistake 10: Pessimistic 

Do not think that the LED industry prospects for the future, essence, it is a promising industry, has great applications and market space. Just keep a good attitude, choose the correct approach, and always adhere to the success of faith, constantly adjusting methods and strategies, you can have the last laugh

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