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LED News

2014 domestic LED market trends
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-13

 2014 domestic LED market trends




 1 , price trends


Relative to incandescent, fluorescent , LED lighting products there are price disadvantage. At present , the domestic high-power LED lighting chip core technology mainly from abroad, low power LED lighting chip technology has been able to meet the market demand to a certain extent . Chip prices are gradually declining. According to the natural law of development of the industry, each over 18 months, the price of the core product of the industrial chain to the core of the device down to the original 1/3-1/2 . So, with the large-scale production , LED lighting products price decline is the inevitable trend of market development.


LED manufacturers reduce production costs of LED lighting products , you need to position the price on the product , identify the market position and competitive differentiation, and improve enterprise management level, to achieve large-scale production , change the previous low level of competition in the state. From " manufacturing" to "made " change.



2 , industrial upgrading trend


In the majority of our LED business , especially segment LED manufacturers in Guangdong . Should take the market as the guide , strengthen independent innovation , good product benchmarking system certification , the development of domestic LED lighting cut public lighting from the field , the priority development of public lighting, led commercial lighting , commercial lighting and specialty lighting.


At present, the domestic policy push to promote outdoor LED lighting market is growing rapidly . Indoor LED lighting market potential greater . Guangdong Province has begun to cultivate indoor LED lighting market , one from the industrial policy, financial investment , core technology research and other aspects of LED lighting industry to give guidance and support . Guangdong Provincial Government to take the way of government subsidies , require 2-3 years to complete all batches government reconstruction project in the field of public lighting . Second is to speed up the establishment of standards . Guangdong Province, the first in the country to promote the application of LED product evaluation benchmark system , to provide consumers with quality reference in the purchase of LED lighting product . The third is to strengthen the propaganda, let people know more about LED, recognize the superiority of LED products for energy and energy conservation significance.



3, 5 · 28 policy of stimulating the development of LED industry


Last year in May , the Guangdong provincial government issued a policy 5.28 . This policy , at least in the direct market in Guangdong province will produce more than 15 billion , pulling the whole industry chain will reach 600-800 billion scale .


Meanwhile, with the benefits of the Guangdong provincial government demonstration project , the mainland provinces and cities will be part of a chain reaction , in order to accelerate the transformation of the country in terms of LED public lighting . "As in the full implementation of public lighting in Guangdong province , will also be driven by accelerating the implementation of civil lighting , commercial lighting and specialty lighting renovation project.



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