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Home > Articles > English > LED knowledge > 3 Big Mistakes should be avoid when buying LED lamps

LED knowledge

3 Big Mistakes should be avoid when buying LED lamps
From: The Site Author: LIHGTUP LED DateTime: 2014-3-19


3 Big Mistakes should be avoid when buying LED lamps




1. The expectations too high for the actual spanlife.


LED manufacturers are expected to reach 100,000 hours LED life MTBF (mean time between failures , the standard measurement of lamp life of traditional lamps used by the manufacturer ) . However , like all basic light sources , LED 's lumen depreciation over time and decay.


So, while LED lighting time can be very long , MTBF is not the only consideration in determining useful life . LED lumen depreciation is affected by many environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation . Lumen depreciation is also under control , thermal management , current levels , and many other electrical design considerations.



2. See the actual light angle as effective angle


LED light-emitting angle into effective and practical angle light angle . The angle between the axial direction of the light emission (normal ) value of the luminous intensity is half the axial strength of the effective value of the angle . 2 times the half-value angle Perspective (or half-power angle ) is the actual light angle . Than half of the axial angle of the light intensity is too weak because the application is not included in the effective angle .


Therefore, consumers should pay attention to when purchasing products emitting angle actual product , the calculation of the number of products used in the project , subject to the actual light angle , the effective light angle can only be used as a reference value.



3. See the higher the power, the greater brightness


LED light-emitting luminance measured intensity , luminous intensity is fingering line ( refer to the cylindrical axis of the arc tube ) in the direction of the luminous intensity , per unit solid angle of the emitted light flux , in candelas (Candela, cd). Due to the small general LED luminous intensity , luminous intensity so common milli candela (mcd) for the unit .


Generally, the light will be emitted in different directions with different luminous flux intensity in the visible radiation intensity in a specific direction unit solid angle of emitted light intensity that is called , for short axial brightness.


The concept how the introduction of the electric power from the power at equal time to do work , the current acting fast, the electric power is large ; current acting slow , the electric power is small , or said in a time equal to the current work done , the more electric power greater , the LED is not greater the power , the higher the product brightness .



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