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LED knowledge

3 advantages for LED SMEs to create Sales conditions
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-17

3 major competitive advantage for LED SMEs to create Sales conditions

LED market just to pick up; part of the LED brand has come to the fore in the industry, the market is still filled with the smoke of a price war. 2013, the year in this unique, some optimistic, some pessimistic. Since this year so unique and critical, LED SMEs should how to create competitive advantage?

1. Give yourself a clear positioning

Because of the small SMEs, the transition quickly, they are able to adapt quickly to market changes. This is its advantage, is also its weakness - and some companies in the LED display market popular time to do follow suit LED display; LED Project profiteering in time to do street work, and now, in the general lighting market LED lamps beginning amount, they started to prepare to enter the field of general lighting. Then wait a few years later, LED market in every area of ​​a strong brand, these companies what should go it? LED industry is estimated that only quit it! Therefore, LED companies want healthy sustainable development, we must position itself - know what they can do and can not do. Clear these, companies have their own long-term goals, not to give up some short-term long-term strategic interests. After a period of accumulation, companies can set up barriers to competition in a particular field, thus forming a unique competitive advantage.

2. Create high reputation of the brand

Brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises are the basis of an important guarantee for value-added products. Without the high reputation of the brand, the company's competitive advantage will be impossible. Since branding a longer period, more difficult, many SMEs talk about the brand discoloration. In actual fact, if the company is positioned at the first question more clearly, then, it is easy to find a workable solution.
Corporate positioning clear, you can figure out in a short time the following questions - What are the potential customers? What are the advantages and selling products? The unique advantages of their products is what? Solve these problems, a method to build brand ready to come out!

3. Rational use of electricity commerce provider channel

Because there is no regional restrictions, build and low cost, electricity commerce providers channel has been traditional corporate attention. In the traditional channels monopolized by the traditional lighting manufacturers today, electricity providers channel is again regarded as a model for SMEs. Practice has proved that the rational use of electricity supplier channels, can break the monopoly of the traditional business channels and thus to lay the foundation for enterprises to create marketing advantage.
In today's highly competitive, SMEs should actively play to their strengths, weaknesses, combined with their actual integration of resources, to create a unique competitive advantage!

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