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LED News

3 big LED trade market difficulties to be faced
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-3-27

3 big LED trade market difficulties to be faced



1. Exchange rate


Bear the brunt of the RMB exchange rate issue . It is reported that since 2013 , the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar surging to new heights . According to statistics, in 2013 the RMB exchange rate has accumulated 41 highs , up 1,984 basis points , almost three times the rate of appreciation in 2012 , called the " appreciation of the Year" of the yuan. In fact, in 2013 , the RMB exchange rate highs lighting companies have a direct impact on the final actual turnover . It is understood that the first quarter of 2014 , the RMB exchange rate at the central bank guide presents a significant downward trend , but in the end how the trend remains to be seen. RMB exchange rate will bring some influence on the final settlement of LED lighting for export .



2. Demanding foreign market access threshold


Increasing foreign market access threshold . European and American market, for example , in 2014 or 2013 will continue the trend , and so will the UL, ERP Directive , Energy Star product quality and energy efficiency certification , etc., demanding a more stringent standard . At the same time , according to statistics , there are only 2013 in Saudi Arabia , Argentina, Mexico , Kenya, 10 emerging market countries publish lamps electrical safety , energy efficiency and other kinds of regulations 38 , an increase of 31%. For export-oriented lighting companies, want to occupy more market share abroad , they must meet these demanding market access conditions, which export enterprises to enhance the volume and price brought greater challenges.


3. hard-fought lead price is difficult to guarantee the quality.


2014 , LED lighting market will be further stimulate overseas demand to further expand the market space , at the same time , the price of LED lighting products will be showing a declining trend in 2014 , this is the trend.


For export-oriented lighting companies, in 2014 more tragic how to do their counterparts in the competition , " quality, quantity , price" , especially to get rid of the vicious price competition , improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, it is a big test . After all, the " price is not the lowest , only lower " vicious competition, no one can be a winner .

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