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LED knowledge

5 Advantages of Automotive LED Lighting System
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2015-1-2

5 Advantages of Automotive LED Lighting System


The automotive industry will gradually use LED lighting system for cars in 2015.


5 Advantages of automotive LED lighting systems, deselen lighting


In the past a lot of time, the cars using tungsten, halogen or xenon lamps. The details are as follows:




  • Brake lights, turn signal lights, reversing lights and rear fog lights: the 21W to 27W, 280-570 lumens brightness of incandescent light bulbs as light sources.
  • Car tail lights, down lights, wide lights and turning signal: The 4W to 10W, 40-130 lumens brightness of incandescent light bulbs,
  • Car Headlamps: The 55W halogen or 35W-55W high brightness of Xenon (HID).





However, in automotive lighting, the increasing use of LED as a light source. 2015 will continue to increase usage of LED light source. In the lighting market, lighting and other exterior lights such as brake lights, turn signal lights and interior lights are switched to LED bulbs. In recent years, car lights, such as daytime running lights(DRL), as well as near the front lights are beginning to switch to LED bulbs. 2015 car headlights will soon begin to switch to high-brightness LED lights. In addition, the body inside, some car monitor with LED backlight also began as a light source, such as the dashboard and TFT displays.



5 Advantages of automotive LED lighting systems


5 Advantages of automotive LED lighting systems, deselen led


1. LED lighting is better

Because the human eye's ability to distinguish between colors in the natural background conditions are the best. At night, the human eye only in the case of a natural color, or road edge on the scene have a good ability to distinguish. So generally use LED white LED, white LED color temperature is generally about 6000K, visually almost identical to natural light.


2. LED longer life, more stable

The average life span of LED lights are longer than incandescent light and high brightness fluorescent tube, and more stable and reliable. If you can reduce the probability of failure, but without frequent replacement of light bulbs, save a lot of trouble.


3. Save energy

And the use of LED can save more energy. LED lamp shape smaller, more easily loaded into the holder, at the same time takes up less space, is easier with stylish lighting design.


4. Faster start-up

LED brake lights starting speed faster. LED brake lights light up time is only about 50ms, fast start-up time than incandescent light bulbs around 250ms, thus reducing the risk of collision trailing vehicles.


5. Good seismic capacity

LED is a solid state light source, can withstand greater shock.


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