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LED News

Global LED outdoor lighting distribution pattern of 5 major markets
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-15

Global LED outdoor lighting distribution pattern of 5 major markets



Global market research firm TrendForce LEDinside 's Green Energy Division at the latest " Silver Member Report" said , LED outdoor lighting has entered a mature market , the global market for outdoor LED lighting shipments and market size will grow up fast .


LEDinside analyst Wang Ting said merit " LED streetlight solution after years of continuous innovation and improvement matures, many cities in the world , after full validation of early pilot installation of LED lighting energy saving, long life , LED lights Price also dropped to a level closer to the traditional lamps , 2014 ~ 2017 , LED outdoor lighting not only shipments up rapidly, the market size will remain above 20% compound annual growth rate . "





 Global LED outdoor lighting distribution pattern of 5 major markets



North America 's largest street light facelift planned start


In the North American market, by the end of 2013, a total of more than 600 U.S. cities have or are planning to install LED lights, in addition , the majority of Canadian provinces are actively planning or carrying LED lights facelift facelift incentive plan.


North American manufacturer of outdoor lighting market with the added gradually mature, competitive strategies manufacturers mainly in providing cost-effective products , pay more attention to environmental factors, as well as to meet the needs of high-end professional .


Towards a comprehensive European universal LED street lighting


European lighting market are not much better . European street lamp market has been a B2G oligopolistic markets , products and supply chain less style has also been quite stable , and is usually a local brand in Europe or the local plant manufacturers based, and these companies have a very good relationship between government and business and economies of scale . European LED lights for price sensitivity to low relative to other regions , but for quite stringent quality requirements .


Japan LED lighting will benefit from the 2020 Olympic Games


The Japanese government will increase the means of tax sources , reducing bond issue in order to achieve the goal of deficit reduction , will reduce the current deficit of about 50 trillion yen in half. Longer-term goal is the 2020 Olympic tournament and infrastructure projects related to lighting , now can see the relevant construction industry has officially started , plans to import LED lighting and OLED lighting in this project has attracted international attention. In addition , signed the " Convention on the International Mercury " will also bring new opportunities for LED lighting .


Chinese growth momentum from the outdoor lighting LED lights modification needs


China new street light amount of government fiscal expansion cycle with higher consistency. 2009 Chinese government put forward four trillion yuan ( RMB ) economic stimulus plan, the annual number of newly installed street lights to reach 1.84 million units (YOY +12.17%).


LEDinside Statistics found that in 2013 , Guangdong Province, a large number of tenders are still concentrated in the economically developed , relatively strong financial strength of the Pearl River Delta city group of six urban centers. Compared to 12 years while the number also improved significantly in outdoor public lighting , LED lighting has entered the harvest period , after the completion of facelift , new demand will slow coastal cities . Guangdong 2013 LED lights installed capacity of at least 300,000 units, while 1H14 will be installed into the intensive period of streetlights .


Emerging market tide started facelift LED lights


In emerging markets such as India , Russia, Southeast Asia ( Vietnam, Indonesia , Malaysia and Thailand ) , Latin America ( Brazil, Mexico, Argentina , Colombia ) and Australia , LED outdoor lighting -related policies and facelift project has attracted increasing attention.


Overall, North America , China , Europe is still the main outdoor lighting needs of the region , but by the impact of budget cuts and high permeability to push the growth rate to slow the trend has now. The late development of the Latin American market in Brazil usher in the next two events to promote the outdoor lighting market will usher in rapid move up period .



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