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LED News

LED lights lighting accounts for 60% of the market share - 70% people approved LED
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-4-24


LED lights lighting accounts for 60% of market share this year, the amount of fluorescent lamps promotion may be halved


Ningbo Lighting Association Mr. wang said that with the LED lights continue to lower prices , its market share has accounted for 60% market share in Ningbo lighting . "Common , large-scale commercial lighting start , continue to promote energy-saving lamps , deepening people's awareness of energy conservation for the LED lights to seize the market provides a prerequisite ." Wang Linkang introduction, continue to lower manufacturing costs , the price of LED lights is also dropping lower and lower the main factors, such as a 16- watt 1.2 m T8 type LED lamp, the original price of 150 yuan, and now only two lamps 30-40 yuan .


Professional lighting furniture LED lighting market hit


In Vanguard Koto Koto shops and Carrefour stores, sales of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps have been a " two world " picture. From the price point of view , the price of energy-saving lamps from two supermarkets a few dollars per month to three dozen , LED lights cheapest to 17 yuan , more expensive Carbonell Division through remote -control power LED emergency lights , priced at Vanguard 148 yuan , Carrefour priced at 182 yuan .


According to Carrefour supermarket tally clerk introduced, compared with last year , LED lights price a lot, it also increases the consumer's purchase rate . " This Philips 3W LED bulb engaged in activities, original price 40 yuan bulbs now sell 21.9 , also buy two get one , buy a larger number of people ."


LED home lighting in Ningbo has entered the market four years ago , but its high price prohibitive for ordinary people to buy LED lights only a few guests . This year , LED lights a price, the average family off a purchase tide.


A 5 -watt LED bulb, high-end brand initially to 40-50 yuan , is now down by 20% to 30 %, some domestic only about $ 20, close to the price of energy-saving lamps .


70% People know advantages LED lights


In modern mall Sanli Lighting Museum , the very fact go to buy a four downlights , two chandeliers, three bulb . Ms. Zhang told reporters , home decoration , all with LED lights, although the price is expensive, but worth the money. LED lighting energy saving and long life . Reporters in the modern mall 30 people were interviewed , of which 70% of people said LED lights than traditional energy-saving lamps advantage.


LED lights also popular level in the online presentation . Search for " energy-saving lamps " on Taobao , and LED lights have 102,500 related to the baby . From the sales point of view, the top ten LED store monthly sales were 1.4 to 56,000 .


LED lights "Spring" from last year began gradually. As the technology matures and markets LED lighting , Philips, NVC, Linsen lighting industry leading brands such as price cuts appeared , LED lights throughout the market prices began to fall. Some LED lights from 200 yuan a , and now more than 100 , some manufacturers even tens of dollars to do . The next two years must be " shuffling " of the year LED lighting business.



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