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Home > Articles > English > LED knowledge > 9 factors directly affect the price of LED products

LED knowledge

9 factors directly affect the price of LED products
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-25

9 major factors directly affect the price of LED lighting products

At present, the LED industry , qualification and strong , capable of producing LED lighting manufacturers also one of the few , different manufacturers use different quality LED LED lighting is caused by an important reason for different prices . As increasingly fierce price war , appearance, structure, function almost the same product, there are 2-3 times the price difference , many users get faint moment is mind , I wonder if the spread comes from. They have a good selection of LED sources of production , or testing equipment has improved LED LED lighting factory would be better, so buy LED lighting products will be more secure. The following are the main factors affecting the price :


  • Brightness
  • Antistatic ability
  • Wavelength
  • Leakage current
  • View Angle
  • Spanlife
  • LED chip
  • Chip Size
  • Colloid


1 Brightness

LED brightness , different prices . LED for LED lamps shall comply with Laser Class Class Ⅰ standards.


2 Antistatic ability

Antistatic ability of the LED, long life, and therefore higher prices . Usually static than 700V of the LED can be used for LED lighting .


3 Wavelength

The same wavelength of the LED, the same color, such as requiring the same color , the price is high. No LED spectral separation device manufacturers is difficult to produce pure colors .


4 . Leakage current

LED is a one-way conductive light , if there is reverse current is called leakage, leakage current is large LED, life is short, low prices.


5  View Angle

Uses different LED light-emitting angle of its different. Special light-emitting angle , and higher prices . If all diffusion angle , higher prices.


6 . Spanlife

Quality is the key to a different life, life determined by the light fades . Light decay, long life , long life , high price.


7. LED chips

LED luminous body of the chip , different chips , prices vary widely . Japan, the United States, more expensive chips , Taiwan and the Chinese mainland manufacturers of LED chip prices lower than Japan and the United States.


8 chip size

Size of the chip to the side of that big chip LED chip quality is better than small . Price proportional to the size the same chip .


9 colloidal

Ordinary LED colloidal generally epoxy resin, plus a UV LED and fire agents more expensive , high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV and fire .


LED lighting market, there are some outlaws , cheating suppliers , materials, finished products defrauding suppliers to finished abnormally low prices in exchange for cash . A small number of LED lighting manufacturers to unrealistic promises deceive dealers and users , and then keep changing firm or person in charge of the trick to shirk its responsibility . So we buy when LED products must be cautious. 


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