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LED News

Beautifully solar LED lights Appreciation
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-3-25


 Beautifully solar LED lights Appreciation



These lights are equipped with solar panels above , daytime charging , automatic night light , 6 hours of continuous illumination . Lighting includes a total of four : the same as the Japanese lanterns Chochin; stone lamp Ishicoro, hourglass lights Sand, and the direction adjustable Spot. Chochin design is inspired by a traditional lanterns , you can be as light as lantern lift , to get to where it is needed . In addition , the shape of the lampshade lantern can also use as a storage tank .



LED Chochin lantern lights


Chochin lantern lights



LED Chochin lantern lights


Shades do storage tank





 LED Cobblestone Light


LED Cobblestone Light


Cobblestone Light



Ishicoro meaning in Japanese is a stone , which is equipped with solar panels shade , looks like a pebble , soft lighting can be issued .





 LED Hourglass Light Sand




 LED Hourglass Light Sand

Hourglass Light Sand


Sand, sand, imitating the classic hourglass clock , LED lights can flash inside , as the hourglass clock so that you can be inverted to change the lights flashing .




 LED Adjustable Spot Light


Adjustable Spot Light


Spot is a vertical rod mounted in a circular lamp , lamp side is that the solar panels , the other side is LED lights, and the direction of the cap can be adjusted manually.



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