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Creative Design-Bicycle LED navigation
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-9-13

Creative Design-Bicycle LED navigation

      As we all know, a bike is a very convenient means of transport, its use, parking is very simple. However, it is simple and also relatively simple, the car's electronic navigation instruments almost none. To solve this problem, a few days ago, the foreign company called Hammerhead company introduced a bicycle designed for the LED lights navigator, very convenient.

led BICYCLE navigation


The LED navigation design is very simple, although not equipped with sophisticated electronic equipment, but simple enough functionality to help users navigate a simple finish. It uses a T-shaped design, the wings were distributed a number of LED lights, LED lights flashing through the guide motorists to change direction.

LED navigation for bike

It is reported that this LED lamp equipped with a dedicated application that supports Apple iOS and Android systems, it is not built-in GPS navigation chip, but the use of mobile resources, the use of mobile navigation and picture complete. For example, users in the application set on a destination, and then open this navigation LED lights, you can use your phone in your pocket, directly identify the direction from the light on, no need to stop pulling out the phone to view, save a lot of trouble.

LED GPS navigation for bike

Currently, this bicycle LED navigation lights provide 6 hours of navigation time around, in addition, he also has front lights, providing night vision, the use of time is 15 hours. As for prices, each priced at $ 75. If you buy two or more, the price will be from $ 70

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