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LED knowledge

Buy health LED lights in 5 suggestions
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-12-17

 Buy health LED lights in 5 suggestions



Buy health LED lights 5 proposal, Deselen LED, Deselen brand


In recent years, as people's awareness of green and healthy lighting, more and more people begin to pay attention and buy LED lights. But in the face of complex types of LED lights on the market, how to choose? We teach you how to choose a healthy LED lights.


1. Look at the chip


Chip is the core of the light emitting element LED lights, different brands, different types of lamp beads luminous efficiency and color rendering index are different. Most lamps are now available in a single crystal chip, integrated chips, also known as COB chip, performance is better than a single crystal chip. So in the purchase, try to choose COB chips, not only long life, and the luminous efficiency, color rendering index is higher, wider use of occasions.


2. Look the brightness


When you purchase LED lights, many consumers mistakenly think that the higher the better brightness, in fact, this is a great buy misunderstanding. Like the lights too bright glare of the midday sun, not only damage eyesight, but also affect the physical and mental health, especially for children likely to cause withdrawal, restlessness, irritability character. Therefore, when selecting lighting, space and the environment need to combine the use of premises, refer to the product of flux index and color temperature, to buy the right lighting. For example, try to choose a 3000K color temperature bedroom lamps, not dazzling, the living room can be selected more than 4000K lamps. of course you can also choose different color temperature combination of programs in the same space to enhance the sense of space level.



3. Look CRI


CRI is to see the degree to restore the true color of the object in the light, the higher the better. General color rendering index lighting in more than 80LM is better, the higher the CRI, the reduction of the object under higher light.


4. Look dissipating material


Because bulb lighting process will produce heat, so the bulb must have good heat dissipation. Bulbs generally have aluminum heat sink materials, ceramics and plastics. When you purchase, the best choice of aluminum or ceramic materials bulbs, try not to consider plastic material, reducing the probability of risk.


5. Look lamp shell


The lamp shell , this part of the material is largely affected by the lighting effect of light transmittance, glare, light and shadow. Currently available LED ball bubble shell generally PC, two glass-based materials, including glass transmittance maximum light transmission performance is better, uniform light-emitting shape better, can reduce glare, the situation spot. But the disadvantage is fragile.


Most other bulbs use PC material, the light transmittance weaker, but long-term use of poor quality PC cover is also easy to aging yellow.


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