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LED News

Cree launch high-quality LED T8 Tube light
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-4-26


Cree launch high-quality LED T8 Tube light


 CREE LED manufacturers on April 26, 2014 announced the replacement of traditional T8 tube LED lighting, and significantly reduce the spread of traditional fluorescent tubes , is sent shockwaves through the industry .



 Cree launch high-quality LED T8 Tube light


Traditional T8 fluorescent lamps use very high proportion of the commercial lighting market in the United States , although LED lighting quality, efficiency and the life of unique advantages, but due to high prices , low , low selectivity and compatibility issues , the market has always been highly favored.


According to Cree , vice president of marketing, business development , said David Elien , newly released LED T8 lamps compared to traditional T8, power consumption can be reduced by about three percent , the luminous efficiency is also increased from 70lm / w to 100lm / w, more standard color sex (CRI) to improve from 80 to 90 , than traditional T8 lamp, even 100lm / w for T8 lamps are even better performance , anticipated market acceptance of products will be higher than ever . Not only that , the product durability and longevity , as well as its compatibility with subsection LED T8 ballast lamp uses LED driver and power is also promoted.


In terms of price and service life , Cree said that this series of LED T8 lamp more competitive with traditional T8 tube , for example, although you can use about 20,000 hours , with an average price of about $ 15 , while the retail price of LED T8 although twice , but it can be used for up to 50,000 hours , and with 5 -year warranty . Alternative to traditional lamps for LED lighting goals , Cree LED bulbs before the continuation of the pattern again offers the possibility of an interesting commercial lighting market .


More mature market competition


Currently both Japanese manufacturers , the two sides or Korean manufacturers , LED -related products are important in the production or OEM , for product quality, durability and price , has been the evolution in the fierce market competition. And also a great demand for the LED lamp, price and quality, if the LED bulbs do not already have a fairly mature basis , specifications and technical upgrading , and now come to a point of maturity of the market , in emerging markets and mature markets expected there will be considerable growth.



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