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LED knowledge

Features and advantages of LED downlights
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-9

Features and advantages of LED downlights




 Features and advantages of LED downlights




LED as a light source in top lighting, but only just ten years , but it was a big development , at present, many kinds of LED lighting , including LED panel lights, LED down light , RGB panel light , LED fluorescent tube , LED ceiling lamps , etc., but one of the most broad prospects for development of LED downlights , LED panel lights followed .


Here we simply analyze the main characteristics and advantages of LED downlight :


1. LED downlights adaptability


LED downlights start time problem does not exist , the power to work immediately , without long waits , light color is good , close to natural light , quick installation and flexible, adjustable to any angle , versatility, wide range of applications .


2. LED downlight high maintainability


LED light source can be multiple sets of LED modules , LED downlights can also be set by the multi- cavity LED modules, without disturbing each other , easy maintenance, power and light independent design , simply replace the damaged part of the problem when the individual does not damage normal excessive lighting effects , without replacing the whole lamp .


3. LED downlight has good starting performance


Fast and reliable , only a millisecond response time , to reach full light output , LED downlights shock-resistant , good weather resistance and long life.


4. LED downlights has higher CRI


GB interval CRI this requirement is Ra = 60, CRI LED light source is generally higher than that of traditional light sources in the current level , LED downlight CRI can reach 70-85 .



LED downlights whether it is from the performance, or the price has obvious advantages , but also by consumers, currently , LED downlight mainly used in office lighting, home lighting , shopping malls and other places lighting and factory lighting , development space is very broad.



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