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Global 7 main LED chip factory Advantages
From: The Site Author: LIHGTUP LED DateTime: 2014-3-17


Global 7 main LED chip factory Advantages





Cree is a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors , in order to significantly improve solid-state lighting , power and communications products, the effect of energy to increase their value.


Cree 's market advantage from key companies in gallium nitride (GaN) silicon carbide material on the unique expertise (SiC) , the complete set to manufacture chips and devices . These sets of chips and devices in a small space with a larger power while than other existing technologies, materials and products less heat .


Cree 's product line includes blue and green LED chips , lighting LEDs, light emitting diodes for power switching devices , radio frequency equipment and radio equipment for light emitting diodes.


Technical advantages


1, SiC -based Ⅲ nitride epitaxy, chip-scale packaging technology ;

2 , High-power chip and packaging technology.



2. Osram 


OSRAM is one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world , headquartered in Munich, Germany , R & D and manufacturing base in Malaysia , is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens .


OSRAM customers around the world nearly 150 countries and regions. With its innovative technologies and solutions , Osram and constantly develop new areas of artificial light sources , which are widely used in public places , offices , factories, household and automotive lighting in all areas .


Osram lighting products up to more than 5000 varieties , can fully meet the various needs of people in work, life and special areas. Its product line includes : fluorescent , compact fluorescent , high intensity discharge lamps , halogen lamps, car lights, motorcycle lights , specialty lighting , electronic ballasts and light-emitting diodes.


Technical advantages


1, Si substrate "Faceting";

2, has a leading edge in terms of white LED with a fluorescent material ;

3, zz being installed power packaging technology and automotive lighting technology.





Philips Lighting provides advanced energy-efficient solutions for all areas, including : roads , office, industrial , recreational and home lighting. In the application and use of technology to build the future with exciting new lighting , Philips is also a leader , such as LED technology. Our main products include xenon car lights, street lighting , mood lighting .


Philips LED chips in the field of establishing leadership mainly due to acquisitions for Lumileds , Lumileds joint venture of Agilent and Philips in 1999, 2005, Philips acquired the company completely . Philips Lumileds is the world 's leading high-power LED lighting solutions provider. Philips Lumileds offers a variety of LED chips and LED packaging, red , green, blue , amber, and white and other LED products.


Technical superiority


1 , unique heat sink design and Si-Submount "Flip-Chip" packaging technology ;

2, has a first-mover advantage in terms of high-power white light die .



4. Nichia


Nichia , the famous LED chip manufacturers , the Japanese company, founded in 1956, developed the world 's first blue LED (1993 ), the world 's first pure green LED (1995 ), in the rest of the world has a child company .


Nichia Chemical Company "Ever Researching for a Brighter World" for the purpose, so far committed to the manufacture and sale of phosphor ( inorganic phosphors ) as the center of fine chemicals . In the course of the development of light-emitting material , published in 1993, shocked the world since the blue LED , have realized the UV , yellow , and white LED nitride LED commercialization , greatly expanding LED applications.


In addition, Nichia Chemical Company is vigorously developing essential for the development of an information medium violet blue laser diode , hope nitride semiconductor can become an important part of the semiconductor industry areas .


Technical advantages


1, the first commercially available GaN -based blue only LED / LD;

2 , with the current best phosphor technology ;

3 , Blu-ray excitation yellow phosphor technology patents ;

4 , a sapphire substrate, an epitaxial growth technique .



5. Seoul Semiconductor


Seoul Semiconductor rapid growth in recent years , the world's leading LED chip manufacturers have been promoted to the column . Seoul Semiconductor 's main business is the production line LED packaging and custom module products , including the use of AC-driven semiconductor light source products, such as : Acriche, high brightness power LED, edge-lit LED, top light LED, SMD LED, LED and Piranha plugin ( super light ) LED and so on.


Products have been widely used in general lighting, display lighting, backlighting mobile phones , TVs, laptops, automotive lighting , household goods and traffic signals among the areas .


Technical advantages


1 , a light and luminous body composite, has "MODULE" technology ;

2 , has a "DIGITAL" circuit technology ;

3 , has a blue, white LED , including the solution ;

4 , with a super- mini, ultra-thin technology.



6. Toyoda Gosei 


Toyoda Gosei , headquartered in Aichi, Japan , the production of automotive components and LED accounting for 10% of revenue .


Toyoda Gosei and Toshiba jointly developed white LED is the use of UV LED and phosphor combination of methods , and the general blue LED and phosphor combination approach. In 1986, Professor Emeritus Mr. Akasaki by the commission , Toyoda Gosei using its accumulated technology auto parts in the film , starting launched LED aspects of research and development.


1987 , by the Science and Technology Corporation 's development commission, Toyoda Gosei successfully formed on sapphire LED electrodes. Therefore , the Toyoda Gosei as " blue LED pioneer " is not an exaggeration. Toyoda Gosei in recent years the pace of development is quite fast .


7. Agilent


Agilent , the world 's leading LED supplier of products for the automotive , electronic message boards and traffic signal lights , industrial equipment, consumer products , such as cellular phones and a large number of products to provide efficient and reliable source. High reliability of these components usually do not have to replace the light source can be guaranteed during the life of equipment.


Agilent's low-cost dot matrix LED display, a wide variety of seven-segment display and LED light strips Agilent products have a variety of packages and colors to choose from . Agilent was first isolated from the HP out . 1999 Hewlett-Packard into two, her career was established Agilent photoelectron technology .



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