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Home > Articles > English > LED knowledge > How to choose the right high-power LED beads and LED point source ?

LED knowledge

How to choose the right high-power LED beads and LED point source ?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-12-16

 How to choose the right high-power LED beads and LED point source ?




 How to choose the right high-power LED beads and LED point source ?



High Power LED and LED light source selection method from the following 9 points should be analyzed :


1. LED brightness LED brightness is different, the price will be different.

LED Cup : general brightness of 60-70lm; Bulb : general brightness of 80-90lm.

Note : 1W brightness of up to 60-110lm3W 240lm5W-300W luminance integrated chip, using the serial / parallel package primarily on how much current , voltage, and several bunches .

1W red brightness is generally 30-40lm;
1W green brightness is generally 60-80lm;
1W Tommy Wong degrees is generally 30-50lm;
1W blue brightness is generally 20-30lm;

LED lenses : one lens for general use PMMA, PC, optical glass, silica ( silica soft , hard silicone ) materials . The larger the angle of the light extraction efficiency is higher, with a small angle lens LED light to shoot too far .

2. Antistatic ability of the LED, long life, and therefore higher prices . Typically the static than 700V LED can be used for LED lighting .
3. The same wavelength LED, consistent color , such as requiring the same color , the price is high.

No LED spectral separation device manufacturers is difficult to produce pure colors . Warm white points ( CCT 2700-4000K), Cool White ( CCT 5500-6000K), Cool White ( 7000K or more )

Europeans prefer warm Bai Hongguang : bands 600-680 , 620, 630, which is mainly used for stage lights, nearly 690 infrared blue : the band 430-480 , 460, 465 stage lights which use more. Green : Band 500-580 , 525, 530 stage lights which use more.
4. Leakage current LED is one-way conductive light , if there is a reverse current is called leakage, leakage current is large LED, short life, low prices.
5. Different emission angles which uses LED emitting angle is not the same . Special light-emitting angle , the higher the price .
6. The key is the quality of life of different life, life is determined by the light fades . Light decay, long life, long life , high price.
7. LED chip LED chip emitting body is different chips, prices vary widely . Japan, the United States more expensive chips , Taiwan factory with Chinese local manufacturers of LED chip prices lower than Japan and the U.S. .
8. The size of the chip size of the chip to side , said the chip size is generally :38-45mΩ, big chip LED chip quality is better than small . Chip size is proportional to the price of the same .
9. Colloidal ordinary LED colloidal generally epoxy resin, plus a UV resistant and fire retardant in LED expensive, high- quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV and fire .



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