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Intelligent LED belt BEACON with brake lights
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-5-21


Intelligent LED belt BEACON with brake lights




Intelligent LED belt BEACON with brake lights




Every two minutes there is a pedestrian or cyclist hit and killed , but the main reason is the lack of visibility. "LumaGlo Saucedo , co-founder Jill Saucedo explains," the traditional single lights and reflective clothing did not see some angles , and its illumination of street lights and car headlights easily overshadowed . We design to create BEACON is to provide a full range of high visibility , but also allows users to set the most appropriate context in which patterns and colors. "


LumaGlo the congregation raised platform Kickstarter announced the launch of its latest product BEACON - a wearable Bluetooth control of intelligent LED belt, for walkers and cyclists , aims to ensure personal safety.


It is a wireless connection custom iOS and Android applications, giving users full control over the lighting effects . It also provides a number of breakthrough features, including an accelerometer -based brake lights , visual reminders, millions of colors, dynamic mode, enhanced visibility , and so on .


The wearable brake lights is one of many to help protect the lives and safety of the many integrated functions. "Built -in accelerometer that senses get cyclists during deceleration , and would like the brake lights that glow red ." LumaGlo Another co -founder Randy Lathrop (Randy Lathrop) explains , "and sensed acceleration is automatically restored to the previous mode . "


Complete customization and control over the make LumaGloBeacon special. By custom iOS and Android applications, users can choose from millions of colors and many of the dynamic mode. They can also set a visual reminder - When the phone receives e-mail or text message , LumaGlo the lamp change color or flash. " Smart phones and wireless connectivity brings flexibility can not be achieved in other ways ." Co-founder Ward Ramsdell (Ward Ramsdell) said.


The product is designed to meet a need - personal safety , but LumaGlo still further , for the integration of emerging technologies to support the performance of their personality. Lathrop said, " Our cooperative effort that each crosswalk when children can be seen , runners can be noticed outside of a few blocks , commuter cyclists can be identified before entering the crosswalk, of course, anyone can also use your own favorite way to light up the night . "


LumaGlo is located in Portland, Oregon, a small consumer electronics company . These innovative products can now book on Kickstarter, starting at $ 69.



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