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LED News

2015 will be a good time for LED home lighting
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-2

2015 will be entering the field of LED home lighting is a good time

    Market data showed that U.S. retail price of LED bulbs has dropped to $ 8, while the energy-saving fluorescent lamps cost about $ 5, in this spread, consumers choose more energy-efficient LED lights will further enhance the tendency is expected to 2015, will truly usher in the LED lighting market to take off.
     At the same time, there are industry insiders believe, LED general lighting market access speed may exceed expectations. PowTech Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Fang analysis: "With the LED lighting products prices fell sharply, home application market is about to take off, the market expects the growth rate is about 30%, but I think far more than these, especially LED application market in mainland China may be doubled growth.
Currently LED lamp prices have dropped $ 1.38 to enter the home market has no price barrier, in 2013 there will be some consumers may attempt to use LED lighting products, if the trial down to good effect, in 2014 there will be a large number of procurement cases . "
         Based on the above point of view, the enterprise within two years waiting to be cut into the LED home lighting, how to seize the opportunity to build brands, providing reliable quality products is very important. And in 2015, it will be extremely important year. LIGHTUP International Technology Co., ltd has been ready for anything, to meet the opportunities and challenges of the new round!


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