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2014 LED industry force 3 user experience
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-23

 2014 LED industry force 3 user experience



Experienced a winter 's accumulation and practice, the spring of 2014 , companies have started to show and sell out their own " masterpiece " , but in the course of field visits , the reporter found that the major companies out of the products on display are still lacking Highlights , low-level , multi- duplication products are still everywhere , but some go small business market segment highlights some of the highlights.



But overall, the 2014 "market leader" still followed the direction of the 2013 's , not much of a breakthrough and innovation. However, the emphasis on the user experience , the key demands of the light environment , industry development is the catch , here are three LED industry focused on the user experience .



1. user experience : see the light but not light


Emphasis on user experience, feel the pulse of the market demand, continues to introduce new businesses to emerge in the market. LED popularity in the face of the industry status quo frequent thumping , LED home lighting into the homes of ordinary people to really must go diffuse lighting development, highlighting see the light but light design. Future diffuse lighting must be a major trend in home lighting development, therefore , to business enterprises in optical materials continue to try and focus on developing light guide plate , diffuser plate and reflective film .



2. User Experience : Portability


SPIC-200, this product is out of distance optical newly developed new products, such as smart phones appearance size , touch screen , which is equipped with miniature spectrometer can be easily detected by simply lighting color temperature , illumination wavelength , color , etc. indicator parameters , the lighting designer, lighting manufacturers to choose the best " helper" products.



3. User Experience : intelligent dimming


Comfortable and appropriate lighting, this is what we have been concerned about the light environment. This is a writing desk lamp dimmable color , this lamp foldable , easy to carry, the more prominent is that you can auto- dimming color according to environmental requirements , lifting a light in the end of the frustration and confusion.



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