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Beijing Metro upgrading LED lighting
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-8

 Beijing Metro upgrading LED lighting - saving more and long life

       Beijing Metro/subway began last year on the subway station lighting retrofit upgrade, completed six station two intervals LED lighting and two pilot stations ventilation and air conditioning energy transformation, the original fluorescent replacement for a more energy-efficient LED lights, annual electricity respectively 94 million kWh and 100 million KWh, to achieve a good energy saving effect.
      Beijing MTR Corporation's data show that from January to July this year, Beijing MTR Corporation under the jurisdiction of 14 lines to achieve power saving 29.04 million KWH, electricity consumption fell 3.4%.
 Beijing Metro Upgrading LED lighting
                                                Beijing Metro staff outage at night after being replaced LED
Metro itself is power consumption, high running costs, energy needs to start at an early age. Beijing MTR Corporation to study and formulate the lighting, elevators, passenger information (PIS) system, advertising, vehicle driving and production office in 7 of 20 energy-saving measures to achieve the average monthly saving one million degrees.
Energy focus full participation, pay attention to details of the start. The company will be held a number of energy-saving work, study and formulate lighting, elevators, passenger information (PIS) systems, advertising, vehicle driving and production office and other 7 20 energy-saving measures, the measurement statistics, these measures are implemented, the average monthly saving achieved 1 million degrees. First half of this year once again call for energy-saving measures for all employees. Collected from each unit reported 62 energy-saving recommendations, filter out lighting, air conditioning, security doors, a total of 14 rationalization proposals, and promote the development of measures to achieve an annual saving 1.5 million KWH.
Not only is energy saving, "Beijing subway trains run 12 hours a day average, ordinary fluorescent lamp life is generally 500 days, but due to some external factors, these lights are often 'strike', so a train a year spent on the luminaire Dhawan Yuan. "Corporation official said, the replacement of the LED lights strong earthquake, six or seven years without change again.

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