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LED knowledge

LED Ceiling Downlight (Round/Square) Detailed Installation Instructions Guide
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2015-1-17

LED Ceiling Downlight (Round/Square) Detailed Installation Instructions Guide



Round LED ceiling light, white, warm white, installation, Deselen led  LED downlight square, white, warm white, installation, Deselen led

LED Ceiling Downlight is an embedded into the ceiling, and down projection lighting fixtures. Its most prominent feature is the ability to
maintain the overall architectural unity and perfect, with a structural advantage is the use of hidden architectural interior light, LED light source is not exposed, not irritating to the eyes!


But before installation requires special attention 8 points

1. Due to different ceiling (such as ordinary wood, solid wood, lime, gypsum board, cement coating of lime, papaya synthetic ceiling, etc.) of
the forces, have suggested embedded mounted, So the package without screws

2. Most of the high power Ceiling light is more heavier (3W-6W is relatively light), when installed, please notify the relevant staff (eg
electricians) according to the hardness of the forces, Appropriate use of expansion screws bolt or screw lengthened reinforcement. Blindly installation LED ceiling lamps caused the falling accident, the seller does not bear any responsibility.


3. LED Ceiling Downlight are electrical products, the installation must please have the experience and expertise relevant documents master electrician to help assist in the installation, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

4. Please test before fixed installation Ceiling lamps lit to ensure LED ceiling light can be used after installation, to avoid a second removal

5. Verify that the operating voltage of the LED Downlight before to make sure the lamp is powered lamp operating voltage is correct,
misconnection voltage lighting may cause permanent damage.

6. Install LED Ceiling should be avoided in the heat and hot steam, corrosive gases, so as not to affect the service life.

7. Ceiling hole dug under the lamp size, checking fixtures and mounting surface is smooth fit, if there is a gap Please make appropriate
adjustments. Press the power cord connected to the lamp, correct the positive and negative.

8. Please read the installation instructions carefully before installing.

LED Ceiling Light Installation Flow - Round/Square Ceiling installation steps


Preparation Tool:

Screwdriver or Hand Drill, Ceiling Openings Tools, Insulation Tape



  1. Installation environment is appropriate, whether the damage to the overall appearance
  2. Hole spacing and calculate the distance between led downlight
  3. Determine the installation height of led ceiling light, to understand clearly Ceiling power and operating voltage
  4. Good grasp of light angle led ceiling light
  5. Test Led ceiling in advance ensure the light is normal
  6. Some packaging has not installed spring bracket, install spring bracket, as shown below.


Round LED ceiling light, spring bracket, installation method steps, Deselen led 

Or directly watch the video


① Open Ceiling hole dug under the lamp size

With a tool by the corresponding ceiling lamp aperture size, be sure to follow the lamp size, if opening size is too small, pretend not to go up
, if opened oversized, led ceiling surface appearance voids.

② Connecting wires

Accordance with the instructions properly connected to wires and lamp must be installed by a professional electrician, please follow the
wiring safety norms to prevent accidental electrocution.

③ Put the LED downlight into the ceiling

The spring clasp led ceiling vertical products on both sides of the ceiling into the hole after the computer, make sure whether the lamps and
the hole size, advance preparation work directly to a large extent influence the progress of follow-up work.

④ led Ceiling spring buckle down

After confirming the correct hole size and wiring, led ceiling down on both sides of the spring clasp, determine whether to install stabilized
down to prevent sway in the lighting, so as not to affect the lighting effects. Then turn on the Power, lighting can work.

LED Ceiling light (Round Square) detailed installation instruction guide, four installation steps, deselen led


LED Ceiling (Round Square) detailed installation instruction guide, 4 installation steps, installation Diagram, in English, deselen led

Square Ceiling instalation directly watch the video




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