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Energy Efficiency of LED light sources (Lm/W)
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-7-22

Energy efficiency of light sources, Typical Luminous Efficacy Range (Lm/W)

Energy efficiency of LED light sources is typically measured in lumens per watt (lm/W), meaning the amount of light produced for each watt of electricity consumed by the light source. This is known as luminous efficacy.

The efficacy of LEDs exceeds traditional types of lamps. For a rough comparison, the range of luminous efficacies for traditional and LED sources, including ballast and driver losses as applicable, are shown as follows: 


Light Source
Typical Luminous Efficacy Range (Lm/W)
Incandescent (no ballast)
Halogen (no ballast)
Compact fluorescent (CFL)
(incl. ballast)
Linear fluorescent (incl. ballast)
Metal halide (incl. ballast)
Cool white LED 5000K (incl. driver)
Warm white LED 3300K (incl. driver)

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