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LED lighting remodeling Guangzhou Haizhu Bridge modern style
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-31

LED lighting remodeling Guangzhou Haizhu Bridge modern style


August 31 afternoon, Haizhu started opening tour, attracting a large number of people. After transformation, the Haizhu Bridge lights, light uniformity, brightness comfortable pedestrian activity in the area could barely see the glare.


After two months of light renovation, was founded in 1933 with a new look Haizhu Bridge connecting the Pearl River north and south again, for the Guangzhou night icing on the cake.


LED lighting Guangzhou Haizhu Bridge
LED lighting remodeling Guangzhou Haizhu modern style
The Haizhu lighting transformation, using a total of 15 different models of LED lamps, such as led flood light, led wall washer, led hurdle light, led inground light.  a total of more than two thousand sets of process control system using DMX512, can be realized gradually, chase modes.
One day before the opening, Haizhu the final dimming, reporters saw at the scene, even late at night, still attracts a lot of people stopped watching, which does not specifically come pan photographers. According to the site lighting construction personnel, the dimming process, the public has demonstrated a high degree of concern, so Haizhu lighting not only beautiful, but also comfortable, especially in the brightness and glare control, have made a very big effort.
Rich in historic and modern technology to create the Haizhu Bridge in the LED lights, showing a richer look, or majestic, or nostalgia, or romance. Gray steel structure is distinctive mark Haizhu Bridge, lights from hollow steel structure, revealed, even more power and beauty.

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