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iPad Air how about battery life-saving? LED lights half, 45 per cent profit margin?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-3

 iPad Air how about battery life - saving? LED lights half, 45 per cent profit margin?


      According to AppleInsider website reported that after the demolition and analysis, with a Retina display iPad Air, only less than half the number of previous versions of iPad LED lights, it achieves the same brightness levels, energy consumption was significantly reduced.



 IPad Air dismantling disassembly analysis


It is estimated that Apple's low version iPad Air (16GB, Wi-Fi version) with a cost of $ 274, compared to the third generation iPad low cost $ 42. Although the overall manufacturing costs, but iPad Air display the rising costs (Note: 9.7-inch Retina display). Meanwhile, iPad 3 and iPad 4 have used 84 LED lamps for lighting the screen, while the iPad uses only 36.


According to the analysis, a possibility that Apple uses higher brightness LED lights, while another possibility is Apple's claims, the use of some sort of optical films, equitable distribution of the illumination light on the display. The use of optical films, making the number of LED lights can be cut, and ultimately reduce the weight and power consumption of the device. iPad Air lighter weight than previous versions of nearly 0.5 pounds (about 227 g), and only a pound heavier.


In addition, it is learned, iPad Air display and touch device used cost $ 133, including the cost of the display accounted for 90 dollars.


Other disassembly analysis found that:


  1. iPad Air only uses a glass panel, which previously used two thickness decreases.
  2. Apple A7 processor chip costs about $ 18, $ 5 lower than the A5 chip.
  3. iPad Air's LTE chip supports the nation's major wireless carriers to provide services, while iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c is not the case.
  4. Apples from the Wi-Fi version iPad Air (16GB) to obtain 45% of the net profit, LTE version of the iPad Air (128GB) net profits will be up to 61%.



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