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Creative Design-LED Lightly Clothespins
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-12-25

Creative Design-LED Lightly Clothespins



Clothespin, our lives often use items, he can clip the clothes on a clothesline , but not always common clothespin avoid monotony , is not easy to identify in the night , not a reflection of our fashion style .




Creative Design-LED Lightly Clothespins



Designers and Gal Bulka Idan Noyberg brought on our novel design , the solar panels and their clothing clip together, to make the color of the light can issue colored light at night-Lightly Clothespins




 Creative Design-LED Lightly Clothespins



Although it looks colored light and ordinary clothespin clothespin no difference, but its tail has a solar panel and a built -in rechargeable battery , so long as the peg in the sun during the day and night that users can a warm and colorful environment .




 Creative Design-LED Lightly Clothespins



Not only has the basic color light clothespin clip function , and because it is equipped with a LED chip , the light emitted at night can prompt people to avoid hitting the clothes , you can recover in time to remind the owner of clothes , it can even be used as Christmas lights , in order to bring unique and creative enjoyable holiday.



Creative Design-LED Lightly Clothespins




As a result of solar panels to provide power for the clothespin , LED have a good energy saving effect , clothespins can be from the user's maintenance. But now this is not yet listed clothespin colored light , no price information.



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