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LED News

Users can easily Decorative LED Notepad lamps
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-5

Users can easily Decorative LED Notepad lamps



 Users can easily Decorative LED Notepad lamps



According to technology blog Gizmodo reported that the effect of a small table lamp has a portfolio of 24 decorated houses, magical enough of it, and you can according to their different mood every day to create their own decorative lamps, like Google Doodle same.



People wear clothes, always like a day for a; But for interior decorating, people always used unchanged for years. Recently, it developed a clever LED lamp page, like a coil shape notepad, users can "private custom" decorative lamp every day according to their mood.



The notepad lamp a total of 12 "pages", the first six pages are pre-drawn, followed by six pages are blank pages, completely free of graffiti by the user creation. Comes with the purchase of one red and one white two individual shade, so a match, a total of 24 kinds of lamps decorate the house possible. Price just $ 20, so doing, each of 24 kinds of decorative cabbage price only 0.83 cents.



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