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Creative Design-Personalized fashion wearable LED display Fos
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-9-3

Personalized fashion wearable LED display Fos


When getting hot when LED products, LED bracelet, LED necklaces endless variety of LED creative products. Recently a company called Erogear on Kickstarter to launch a personalized wearable LED display Fos.


Personalized fashion wearable LED display Fos


Fos appears to be a fine work of cloth velcro band take a cloth belt is a special display by the LED grid components. Entire outfit lightweight. You can paste it into clothing, backpacks, or anything else, as long as you like.


Each display includes Fos white or blue LED, 32-bit microprocessors, flash memory and a built-in power supply. Fos can be manipulated by the user's mobile phone, use very extensive. Rider can be positioned to understand the position of the route, or the user can see the movement of their physical condition, such as heart rate and calories burned numerical quantity and so on.


May, in some people, the LED display wore a little funny. But the city's cyclists it is a good choice, when they are sweating on the street when the audience can see them through the LED display of the "achievement" (the display will show their lines traversed route). Meanwhile, Fos can also motivate lazy people wearing LED display to those who are learning the movement.


It is reported that a 11 * 3-inch display Fos asking $ 149 (about 912 yuan). Now Fos only supports Android version of the phone, iOS and PC platforms will be introduced later.

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