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LED knowledge

6 Tips for purchasing LED Strip Light
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-1

6 Tips for purchasing LED Strip Light

Many people purchases the LED strip light only taking price into account, however, to get LED strip light with high cost performance, we should consider comprehensively as follows:

  1. Chips of LED strip light

    There are chips made in domestic, Taiwan and other oversea countries like America, Japan and Germany etc available in the market. The price of those chips varies quite a lot. Since the imported chips are higher in price, it is used and supplied to high-end customers rather than domestic customers. At present medium and high-end customer prefers chips made in Taiwan, which has highest cost performance.
  2. LED Encapsulating

    LED encapsulating including resin encapsulating and silicon gel encapsulating. The only difference between two encapsulating is the heat dispersion. Silicon gel encapsulated LED has better heat dispersion, so the price is higher than resin encapsulated one.
  3. Consistency of color

    Now there are thousands of encapsulating factories in domestic with different strength. Some small encapsulating factories many manufacturers don’t have spectrophotometer, they either omit this process or commission outside, which can not guarantee the quality easily.
  4. Soldering effect:

    LED strip light has been soldered either manually or mechanically. Manual soldering is conducted with soldering iron in a traditional way. Manual soldered LED strip light has ugly appearance (such as inconsistent soldering spots, many flux residues, rough soldering spots and broken LED eencapsulating etc) and poor static protection (LED strip light may don’t work or appear slight bright because many LED chips are broken during manual soldering).

    Mechanical soldering applies backflow soldering, which makes soldered product has beautiful appearance (consistent soldering spots, smooth soldering spots and regular arc soldering tin, no flux residue and good eencapsulating etc) and no chance for broken chips by static, besides, LED position and direction are beautiful in appearance.
  5. Material of FPC:

    Material of FPC includes rolled copper and electrolytic copper. Rolled copper is more expensive than electrolytic copper. Just as its name implies, electrolytic copper is copper foil formed after copper ion is absorbed on base materials by electrolysis, it features strong conductivity but related weak bending resistance. Rolled copper is copper foil obtained by paste the high purity copper(>99.98%)on FPC through rolling compaction—since FPC and copper foil has good adhesiveness, copper foil has high adhesive strength and operating temperature, it can dip soldering without bubble at 260℃ in soldered tin. Rolled copper features good bending resistance but related weaker conductivity, normally it is used for camera in flip phone. In appearance, electrolytic copper is reddish and rolled copper is yellowish.
  6. Luminance of LED:

    The price of LED varies with the different luminance; there is much difference in common LED and highlight LED. So it is necessary to know what kind of luminance you need to position your product accurately.
By keeping above items in mind, purchasers will have a better understanding of price and be target-oriented while bargaining


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