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Smart Watch Nevo Built 11 LED lights
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-12-24

 Smart Watch Nevo Built 11 LED lights


Smart Watch Nevo Built 11 LED lights, deselen led

A domestic manufacturer of digital products recently designed a smart watch Nevo minimalism, excluding common chronograph watches and aesthetic features, Nevo can record your walking, running, distance, and calories burned swimming arm, so you keep track of their movement status. And by Nevo to manage your daily activities is also very simple, just set a daily goal with App on the line.


Nevo edge of the built-in dial 11 LED warning lamp, and with vibration alerts, light and vibration of these two methods will be prompted to provide the most direct and rapid movement of the status information display. Users only need to click the watch button, you can immediately know from walking, distance or calories burned as well as how far the target. This immediate feedback can increase user awareness of their level of activity, and to encourage users to develop healthy daily habits.


Smart Watch Nevo Built 11 LED lights, deselen led


Nevo LED lights to support up to six colors, spaced at even bits of the dial. You can customize the message reminding colors, lighting direction and amount, of which six are two-tone color LED lights, the default white, you can set the color.



In addition, Nevo also act as functional notification center, it is important when you receive text messages, calls or other third party App message lights and vibration way to remind you.


Nevo using 40 mm stainless steel case, the body thickness of 12.5 mm, sapphire glass, 5ATM waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0, and most particularly, this smart watch with a Swiss ETA movement. ETA movement is the product of the Swatch Group, the table with optional leather and fabric.


Nevo dual battery design, intelligent part using CR2025 button batteries, while the timing part using a 364 button battery. Nevo software is provided by the intelligent bracelet brand bong.


Nevo support iOS 7.0 or later and iOS devices than Android 4.3 Android devices, priced at 999 yuan.



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