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LED Substance Light
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-12-19

LED Substance Light



LED Substance Light, Deselen LED


Conservation of matter, is that the material will not disappear nor creation, but the transition from one form into another form. Energy conservation, as well. Encounter will produce positive and negative particles annihilate to produce photons, ie energy.


Designers will rule this world gives everything to follow in the top of this work. Substance weft direction by black lights arranged to form a spherical ring of concrete, wooden structure crosscutting warp direction. It's so special, is a combination of concrete and wood. A major highlight of the product is that the choice of materials, the design concept of the technology itself by the beauty and performance of the content material combination and emerge; the second is that the mixing process, old and new materials, the perfect embodiment of industrial production processes and computer skills CNC precision.



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