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LED knowledge

LED Underground Light installation steps and wiring diagrams
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-10-5

LED Underground Light installation steps and wiring diagrams


LED Underground light are widely used in the green grass, park lighting engineering, parks, lawns , garden lighting , pedestrian streets, parking lots,squares night lighting , decorative main building bridges, roads and lighting.

LED underground lamp body is made ​​of high purity aluminum alloy material , the surface electrostatic spray , temperature curing , strong adhesion. Generally have good waterproof, dust resistance . LED underground lamps and LED wall washer , LED floodlights , etc. differ, because the LED lights and buried in the ground landscape lighting , waterproof level must reach IP67 above , during installation work , several aspects should be prepared :


Installation instructions


  1. Before LED underground lamp installed , you must first turn off the power . This is the first step in installing all electrical equipment is safe operation of the foundation.
  2. Should be finishing luminaire supporting the use of various parts . LED Underground Light is buried special landscape LED lamps, once installed components when installed less loaded want to re-fill is very troublesome . Prior to installation, you should be ready.
  3. First, dug a hole according the size of the LED underground light, and then fixed with concrete embedded parts . Embedded parts played isolated LED underground lamp body and soil effects, can ensure LED underground lamp long spanlife
  4. Owned an IP67 or IP68 wiring means for connecting external power input with lamp body power cord . And the LED inground lights require power cord by VDE certified waterproof power cord to guarantee LED underground lamp long spanlife.
  5. LED Underground light control system through the early design engineers and design, when used under normal operating conditions, the use of color-changing effects after work, you can achieve the most optimized LED life. Outside these ranges or conditions and limitations of these long-term work, will further reduce the lifetime of the LED, in extreme cases, the internal light source assembly failures.
  6. Installing the LED underground lights, please gently to avoid damage to the lamps.

Please refer to below


LED Underground Light installation steps



Installation procedures and wiring diagrams

LED underground lights change effects and LED wall washer and LED flood light outdoor lighting , etc. have similar installastion. monochromatic light and DMX512 control colors, please refer to the following detailed wiring diagram .

  1. Monochromatic light wiring diagrams
  2. DMX512 control colors wiring diagrams


led underground light Installation procedures and wiring diagrams

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