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LED knowledge

What are the LED auto light and conventional light
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-29

What are the characteristics  LED auto lamp light compared with conventional light?


         Car lights in the car's exterior is mainly direction lights, tail lights and brake lights, mainly in the car's interior lighting and display of various instruments. High brightness LED lights for car, compared with traditional incandescent has many advantages, in the automotive industry has a broad market.
LED car headlight

1 Whole Encapsulation package.

         Because LED can withstand strong mechanical shock and vibration, the average working life MTBF several orders of magnitude higher than incandescent bulbs, far higher than the working life of the car itself, so the LED brake lights can be packaged as a whole.

2 Use the transparent substrate.

         Transparent substrate with AlGaAs and AlGaInP LED lamp with a filter plate incandescent bulbs with very high lumen effect, so that LED brake lights and turn signals will be able to work under low drive current, typical drive current of only incandescent lamp 1/4. Lower electric power can be reduced wiring system automotive interior volume and weight, but also can reduce the integration of the LED lights internal temperature rise, allowing the performance of the lens and cover with a lower temperature plastic.

3. Reduce response time.

         LED brake lights response time of 100ns, shorter response time than incandescent, thus leaving more to the driver's reaction time, thus improving traffic safety assurance. Automotive Exterior LED illumination and color are clearly defined. The car's interior lights illuminated display, although not as an external control by the government departments, but the car maker and the color of the LED illumination have requested.

 4. Small price difference

         From the price point of view, although compared with incandescent or LED lights more expensive, but the system as a whole, both the price and no significant difference. With high brightness TS AlGaAs and AlGaInP LED practical developments in recent years prices have been reduced, reducing the magnitude of the future will be even greater.
         LED car headlight technology in the coming year, after verification, concept car shows and other stages of development, finally ushered in the production car is expected to be applied to the market outlook.


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