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LED News

LED big ass Ceiling Fan mounted Smart Home
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-6-7

LED big ass Ceiling Fan mounted Smart Home





LED big ass Ceiling Fan mounted Smart Home


Future "smart home" revolution, each household appliances "brain" is definitely the key. Even the humble ceiling fan, will therefore be adding more new and interesting and useful features. Intelligent fan following is nicknamed "Big Ass Fans" of. The Haiku with SenseME then give it brings LED lighting, Wi-Fi, intelligent machines supporting the application, as well as traceability room temperature and automatically adjust function.



Speaking of temperature adjustment, the product with the Nest smart thermostat system is somewhat similar. Interestingly, Big Ass Fans can also set the lights automatically turn on when you exercise.


The fan may be based on environmental conditions in the room (including temperature and humidity), intelligently adjust its speed.


As for supporting the mobile client application, you can set various parameters used to adjust the lighting, and fan speed. Finally, it has a "gradual wake-up" mode - gradually increase the fan speed and LED lighting levels.



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