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LIGHTUP LED company registered new brand Deselen
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-12-9

LIGHTUP LED company registered new brand Deselen


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After the end of the strategy session and discuss the company's deliberations, LIGHTUP registered company prepared its sub-brand Deselen, on January 1, 2015 the official opening of the this brand. For main foreign sales, to further expand sales of products to enhance brand awareness.


"Deselen" Brand Meaning


Deselen come from "Details " and "Selena (Greek goddess of the moon, the moon was intended)."


Detail- details, which is the core of the product, only to strive for excellence, Focus on every detail of the product, in order to manufacture high-quality products.


Selena, meaning the moon goddess on behalf of the full moon, the largest and brightest.


1. Heralded Deselen brand products will be the most prominent and most dazzling products.

2. In ancient times before, did not invent fire, night life people rely on moonlight to illuminate. Deselen products could be like the ancient moon so important, to illuminate the lives of people, to people's lives more convenient. Deselen goal is to have each family can spend our products.


Deselen = Details+Prominent+Important. This is "Deselen" brand meaning.


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