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LIGHTUP LED car light bar advantages
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-19

LIGHTUP LED car light bar Advantages


Lightup Internationnal Technology Co., ltd is the most professional manufacturer of LED light  bar. we are not only care about the quality, but aslo provide a better user experience. so what are the LED light bar advantages of ours?


Highly qualified staffs:


Our boss was the best light bar engineer in China. now he is esablish LIGHTUP company. All production processes by his direct leadership. So the staff all good at the manufactruring.


Really use high quality lamp beads-Cree-XPE:


Nowaday, all the factory said that they use the high quality cree light, and with the cheaper price. but in fact, the cree light is the most costly. so if they use real cree light, the price could not be so cheap! here is the picture for you to Distinguish genuine lamp beads


LIGHTUP LED light bar high quality Cree light

This is the only Cree light that LIGHTUP company use.


normal quality cree light

this is normal crea light



High quality spot lens: 


This effectively gather the light, to improve the effective use of light. see the comparison chart.


LED spot lens comparison chart



Product structure more humane:


see below.

LED light bar comparison

1. Nomal light bar use Share of the mold. so you could see most of the market look the same and only has two legs. and they use the share mold will save a lot of cost.


2. LIGHTUP LED light bar Develop our own mold. Better heat dissipation, more durable. and we will provide more legs if the light bar too long. that will help to holp the lamp and ensure the long spanlife.



Sturdy product packaging:


Ensure that all the customers could receive the perfect goods all over the world.


 led car light bar packing


Check for more our LED work light bar products.

The production process of LED car light bar


Application cases pictures








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