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Diversification LED commercial lighting design 4 New Features
From: The Site Author: LGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-10-13

Diversification LED commercial lighting design 4 New Features



         Now, along with economic development , people 's living standards improve , the consumer's individual needs is also increasing. And businesses in order to obtain greater profit margins , at the use of all means to obtain consumers. Commercial lighting design is also increasingly being considered as marketing tools, a wide range of commercial lighting design also emerged. How to use appropriate illumination , the appropriate color temperature, so that customers have a comfortable feeling ? How to use high color rendering lighting, perfect performance characteristics of the commodity ? Issue of this series , as the moment when the lighting designer needs to consider the important part.


Commercial lighting design in the field of lighting design is an integral part of it needs with excellent lighting effects, quality lighting products to fit the customer's experience , to create a relaxed atmosphere , in order to guide customers have a positive consumer psychology. Beijing Tomomi chief designer lighting either see that in the ever-changing market environment , commercial lighting design is unique in order to be accepted by consumers and be able to promote consumption , you will need from the following four aspects of innovative design

  • Color
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Interactive lighting
  • Energy



Color , for the psychological impact of the performance and the promotion of goods has a significant role . For example , the red will bring a warm and imaginative people feel so dynamic vitality in the expression of some rich atmosphere , you can use a red led warm . The icy blue will give a sense of distance , if you want to show noble glamorous atmosphere , you can consider using cool colors with blue led . Therefore , designers are doing lighting design , it should first consider what kind of business you want to achieve the effect , thus selecting lighting design of the main colors .

Dynamic lighting

In order to attract consumers to stop, so moving up is also a good lighting choice . Because the human eye 's perception of the dynamic and color rather sensitive, dynamic lighting in some cases compared to static lighting easier appealing. However, dynamic lighting , though good, was able to bring a bad feeling uncomfortable , and therefore can not be abused . If the dynamic lighting can in a controlled state, will generate more interest.

Interactive lighting

Lighting can also help businesses to carry out some interactive activities , in order to attract consumers attention. Such as voice-activated lighting intensity , color, or taste light projection , etc. These will be lighting design and commercial activities closely, not only makes the activity becomes rich and interesting , brilliant lighting also brings a lot of surprises . So that lighting can be in a specific activity time, activity area increased lighting effects, and thus with the product promotional activities.


With the economical and social development , energy efficient lighting design is also increasingly being accepted by society . Especially in commercial lighting design, sometimes it is precisely because of energy saving was excellent public concern . It is understood , the use of energy-efficient lighting design firm , more than 20% per day can reduce energy costs and greatly reduce lighting costs . Therefore, the selection of energy-efficient lighting products are also commercial lighting design is a very important part.
The more and more businesses for lighting design has its own special requirements , diverse lighting design, has become an inevitable trend in the development of commercial lighting . Tomomi see any representation chief designer lighting , lighting design should want to promote the integration of people with light environment , it is not a single development, we must diversify , to know how to attach importance to the environment, respect for human aspirations , so as to realize the environment, lighting and human harmony .


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