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LED knowledge

Analysis of Factors Influencing LED downlights prices in 2014
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-15

Analysis of Factors Influencing LED downlights prices in 2014






 Analysis of Factors Influencing LED downlights prices in 2014


LED downlights price is affected by many factors, but for now , LED downlights price is more and more accepted by consumers , acclaimed.


LED Downlight is an LED lamps , has been loved and welcomed by consumers . Because LED is a new type of environmentally friendly energy saving lighting technology, LED downlights prices have become the soft underbelly of the promotion . However, with the increasing LED technology continues to improve and products , LED downlights price trends are increasingly civilians .


So what happens LED Downlight price in 2014 years? What factors influence it also affected ?


1. LED rapid development and reduce the cost of the technology is mature .


LED downlights industry development prospects , coupled with government policy guidance and support , LED lighting business to become the size of the most desirable "cake ."


LED industry has become a craze , whether chip, wafer or package, application , and both in the number of explosive growth . LED downlights prices in the coming period will continue to accompany LED stage of rapid development , and promote the use of increasingly sophisticated and a downward trend in the first half of this year, LED downlights prices due to rising prices of raw materials price fluctuations slow decline , after July after , LED downlights prices basically showed unilateral downward trend , until December almost at the lowest end of the year.


2. The cost-push feature significantly increases the production chain costs is a major factor LED downlights price index increases.


LED downlights price quotes and domestic economic trends are closely related. This year, the impact of inflation , raw material prices , labor costs, rising logistics costs have been deeply troubled by the development of enterprises , production costs directly increase two to three percent in the first half twice raised domestic oil prices , the liquidity larger LED Downlight prices and costs caused by direct pressure . The first of these factors affect the LED downlights from January to April in the price index is particularly evident .


3. The real estate industry to promote growth in demand for LED downlight products terminal


2014 While China 's real estate industry has been regulated , but just need buyers still increasing , the development of real estate market also contributed to the development of related lighting products such as LED downlights prices , rising requirement for LED downlight , LED tube home lighting lamps become a required product .


Along with changes in the world economic environment , the state of the real estate industry is increasingly clear signal control , government and industry will soon introduce new policies and industry standards, and market channels focus shifted to third-tier cities , LED downlights price equilibrium , LED downlights industry will usher in new opportunities and challenges.



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