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LED News

LED driver power sales market is not optimistic
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-5

 LED driver power sales market is not optimistic



 LED driver power sales market is not optimistic



      LED industry knows , LED drive power greatly affects the quality of life of LED lamps . Because of high profits, so has always been highly favorable for the majority of lighting companies . But now due to LED lighting product price declines and increasingly competitive power industry , especially by overseas financial crisis , some enterprises this year, the LED power sales showed a substantial downward trend.


Statistics show that China currently has more than 300 LED drive power production enterprises, of which 90% or more main product is a small power LED drive power. This year, the relevant government departments have been put in LED indoor lighting subsidy policy , but also for low-power LED power supply market hit a stimulant. However, due to lower than expected growth in market demand applications and the increasing number of competitors , low-power LED drive power market sales are not optimistic.


It is understood that the industry generally define the dividing line in the middle and small power supply 18W, the power supply part of the roughly applied downlights, spotlights , floodlights, light fields , mainly used in small power bulb, lamp tube .


Price confusion in the small power supply market , performance is more prominent. As low barriers to entry , we filed into the room , which also includes many lighting companies . This also resulted in the current market, small and medium- power LED drive power chaos .



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