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LED News

LED home lighting market 9 major trends
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-9-22

 LED home lighting market 9 major trends


2013, the "first year" is known as LED lighting, LED industry started to recover, sales are rising, LED home lighting rapid development of home lighting market products have higher demands, diversified, will no longer be limited to lighting components gradually to the effect, styling, technology and application of new technologies, materials and other aspects of the reform, while the lighting market consumer demand trends which show the following nine.

  1. Respect for nature
  2. Functional subdivision
  3. Style luxury
  4. Multi-functional
  5. High technology
  6. Energy conservation
  7. Environmental protection
  8. Rich colors
  9. Used in combination

1. Respect for nature.

Meet people return to basics, respect for nature's psychological, using a variety of wood sculpture, no less real handicraft.

2. The functional subdivision.

People are no longer satisfied merely functional lighting fixtures for a variety of lamps came into use requirements.

3. The shape of luxury.

High-grade office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities increasingly luxury decorative lighting, high-grade.

4. Multifunctional.

If charged LED lamp,LED table lamp with music box, there is a photosensitive phone doubles as a bedside lamp controlled lights, night indirect call, the lamp will automatically light up, hang up the call is completed after about 50 seconds delay can automatically turn off.

5. High technology.

No strobe light, three wavelengths chromatography adjustable lights, red lights, and other far-infrared radiation can have the function to protect eyesight lamps onto the market.

6. Energy conservation.

Energy-saving lamps popular with consumers.

7. Environmental protection.

Environmental protection is a brand new lamp production technology topics, shows that people on the living room living environment seriously concerned that this is the future of home lighting the main development direction.

8. Rich colors.

Today life with colorful lighting market synchronization, multi-Phi "colorful" coat, a red maple leaf, natural blue, coral, yellow, and green plants, color, look elegant and warm.

9. Used in combination.

Residential Lighting nine trend will change lighting combined with the daily routine is also a popular fashion, such as a ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, LED flashlights yellow lights.


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