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LED News

Analysis-LED industry continues to expand In recent years
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-9-9

 Analysis - In recent years, LED industry continues to expand


 With the rapid economic development and energy policy, vigorously promote China has become the world's most energy-efficient lighting market growth potential often analysts believe that in the next few years , energy efficient lighting market scale will show the number of geometric level increases .
The rapid development of energy-efficient lighting industry , not only to attract large-scale distribution of international lighting manufacturers , lighting manufacturers also allow China to come to the regional beachhead . Especially in the spotlight of the LED lighting industry , the local government and large enterprises to vigorously promote investment , showing a trend of rapid development .

Rapid expansion of LED industry

Since 2003 , China began to promote the development of LED lighting industry , put forward the " National Semiconductor Lighting Project " and " Eleventh Five- semiconductor lighting industrial technology development " special programs to assist industry to enhance the scale and level of technology and planning " Ten City ten thousand , " and established in the country ," semiconductor lighting base " to promote regional LED lighting applications .
China LED industry and market focus in the government 's support, a rapid expansion of the trend, the overall production value increased dramatically, but also led manufacturers to actively expand the chain layout , making China not only become the world's leading LED outdoor lighting market , has become the global LED major producers of components . China LED industry grew powerfully , from 2006 to 2011 , the average annual output value growth rate of 30 %, and since 2009, after the industry to accelerate the expansion of the current value of the scale has grown to 156 billion yuan .

landscape lighting market scale more bigger

As the world's leading consumer electronics and lighting products production base, China has become the world's largest LED assembly applications market , in 2011 the global consumption of about 35% LED components. In the Chinese LED market applications to public landscape lighting , electronic products backlight , display / billboard, general lighting for the four main application areas .
China since 2008 , by setting the streets, squares and decorative lighting, promotion of LED decorative lighting, LED landscape lighting makes the fast-growing market . 2010 , through the government , " city of ten thousand ten" model programs to promote LED lights , tunnels, parking taste stations applications . Incentives for the government subsidies , the fast-growing lighting related applications market , general lighting has risen to 25 percent , becoming the largest application areas , general lighting and landscape lighting together accounted for approximately 50% of the proportion of applications , the display LED lighting has become the Chinese mainland the main application of the city often projected in the government policy continued assistance , the future Chinese general lighting , landscape lighting market will continue to show high growth trend.

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