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LED knowledge

6 standards to determine the quality of LED light source
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-1-6

6 standards  to determine the quality of  LED light source



         For all lighting, whether it is general or public preferences most current LED lamps are from the shell, lighting, electrical lamp composed of three parts . In light of these three components and appliances are among the most important , a good electrical light sources must be used with high quality in order to achieve the best lighting effects.


So if you want to have good lighting, you must have a good source. Here , we introduce several criteria to select good quality light source :


1 , See its luminous flux, how much is its light source can be sent ;


2 , Color temperature measuring device , namely its color temperature of light emitted by how much light emitted by lamps generally have "yellow" , "white " points. In the professional field , yellow is "3000k less " white is "5000k over " between "3000k-5000k" is in the middle of the color ;


3 , The LED color was observed , whether the light source lamp is irradiated to fully correct the color of an object . The industry generally believe that sunlight can correctly reflect the true color of the object ;


4 , Determine the average life expectancy of LED light source , for example, there are a number of sources, these sources generally light of the number of average life expectancy is the average lifespan of these products , pay attention to the average life expectancy at least a year and a half or more before they can ;


5, The light efficiency , high luminous efficiency lamps illuminated the same length of time to test the lamp light source used for electricity even less , so more high efficiency energy-saving lamps ;


6, The observed rate of strobe lighting , strobe lighting that flashes the number of times a second , if the strobe is too large for the human eye is a huge damage.


When you buy the lamp during , in accordance with the above several criteria , the selection of the best quality lamps.



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