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LED News

691 LED street lights unveiled Henan
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-9-26

691 LED street lights unveiled Henan


691 LED lights unveiled Henan


 The photo shows workers are installing street lights


Yesterday (25th), the reporter was informed in Xingyang, Xingyang Tower Hill Road (Zhongyuan Road to mami highway), Ying Guang Road (Jianshe Road to Science Road), Tsui Valley View Boulevard (State Road 310 to the Liu River) Sanjo area leading to the township road traffic lights installation works should have been completed, the installation of new solar hybrid LED street 691.

The project consists of the construction of Xingyang building housing the Bureau, the total road length of 18.6 km. Among them, the total length of 8.2 km Tower Hill Road, Street 280; Tsui Valley Parkway length of 9.5 kilometers, street 368; Ying Guang Lu length of 0.9 kilometers, street 43. Lighting is used 144WLED solar hybrid street lighting.


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