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Energy storage power LED lighting Football
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-2-1

Energy storage power LED lighting Football


Soccer described as a " world movement" , but for the people of the region for some developing countries , they had to stop activity at the time night fell , living in the dark.


Design company to come up in a ball Soccket built- energy conversion device idea, developed a "portable generator" , which is designed for children in poor areas to build , you can play during the day when the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and stored , when night falls you can plug in the LED light source is used as the lighting can illuminate the dark night of the children in poor areas .




 Energy storage power LED lighting Football


According to reports , just come up with this particular play football on thirty minutes a day , you can get thirty minutes of lighting power. For the fortunate people to have a reliable grid areas may not need Soccket; But for many children in developing countries , which is to provide them with nighttime reading, good lighting solutions work .


Soccket built-in " swing " mechanism (a pendulun-like mechanism), you can turn the ball kinetic energy into electrical energy and stored in the rechargeable battery inside . Made using foam balls , it will not leak. Its weight is more than just football than normal on 1 ounce ( about 28.35 grams ) .


Soccket of this storage is currently Kickstarter fundraising football , but the estimated price of $ 100 for low- developed areas or some high , but supporters can advance purchase price of $ 99 (with matching LED lights ) . Soccket small-scale prototype has been put into production, large-scale fund-raising goal is to ship .


Uncharted Play is Soccket company behind the project , if successful fundraising , it increases its a USB adapter. This seems in line with the logical next step : more types of equipment for the power supply .

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