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LED knowledge

Low-carbon energy-saving LED lights optional 6 principles
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-3-1

Low-carbon energy-saving LED lights optional 6 principles




Modern young people 's enthusiasm following environmental carbon more than other people and share what low-carbon energy-saving lamps to buy six principles :


1. The principle of convenient


Install or replace a convenient choice of lamps is one of the principle , surely we do not want to go through stepping on a table , chairs marching , head 90 degrees, lift your arms too far to 2.5 meters high or even higher ceiling embarrassment changing light bulbs , so choose lighting , the best choice to replace convenient lamps.


2. The principle of coordination


Lighting is the crowning touch to home improvement , is used to match the overall decoration lighting environment , and not vice versa , so the color is too complex or complicated or dissonant unique style and not for the entire home improvement finishing touch , but there may be superfluous.


3. The principle of energy conservation


Low-carbon energy is the theme of modern decoration , a good choice of illumination , energy saving lamps can not only beneficial to a small home , but also to contribute to the global environment , so the choice of energy-saving lamps are positive trends in the new home fixture.


4. The principle of safety


This is the most we can not ignore the principle of choice regular factory produced lamps is very important for the bathroom or kitchen functional space , choose easy- wipe waterproof security lighting and more necessary .


5.  The principle of functional


Now only one lighting function can not meet the needs of people , smart also be reflected in a variety of household lamps . Voice , call control , radiation protection of visual function with far infrared light red lights, and so the new home should be demand driven , to their needs to make life more comfortable and stylish lamps are also worth considering based on .


6. The principle of decorative


In the lighting store , we can easily see that a variety of household lamps tricks, regardless of the popular Crystal Light or leather lamps, wrought iron lamps, wooden lamps and a variety of special-shaped lights, amazing variety of materials and styles can create a different home atmosphere. Choose a strong decorative home lights will make their bedroom more flavor , look more feeling.



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