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Home > Articles > English > LED News > New Opel Adam Fredudenberg LED on the roof Frankfurt Motor Show

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New Opel Adam Fredudenberg LED on the roof Frankfurt Motor Show
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-10-4

 New Opel Adam LED on the roof Frankfurt Motor Show



       From the starlight shining roof and new provincial heavy engine components to the exhaust facilities and air purifiers , Fredudenberg products appear in many of the exhibits on the Frankfurt Motor Show . Even brought into the LED lights inside the hood , and made into sparkling stars of the night sky style.



New Opel Adam 


New Opel Adam


This new show at the Frankfurt Motor Show Opel Adam, has a sparkling starlight headliner , Freudenberg NOK Machinery Division of this popular car roof lights installed on the sparkling stars , developing flexible printed circuit board technology . Do not simple , each lamp must be huge , and the arc-shaped roof plane, to prepare correct connections , and can not in any lines . This is the first plane in such a huge installed on flexible printed circuit board . Freudenber engineers and developers and manufacturers headliner , 18 months' time as Opel develop independent solutions. The result is 64 LED lights hanging in the roof flashing as large and small stars.


"Thanks Freudenber technology, now we have the possibility to Opel Adem city sparkling starlight headliner sports car design , or have previously only advanced vehicles ." NOK Machinery Division Board of management in charge of sales, purchasing and quality assurance of Cristophe Luciani said. "We're so in order to create innovative products and working closely with our customers ," starlight headliner just one of many shining in Freudenber products show , where a close cooperation with the customer 's products .




Opel Adam hood lights used in LED design mimics Freudenberg starry

Opel Adam hood lights used in LED design mimics Freudenberg starry


In order to meet customer demand , the new Opel Adem car will begin in February , with a sparkling starlight headliner and Freudenber technology . Flat roof version is less than the 0.2 mm thickness , and only at startup will see , there will be an increase or decrease of the phenomenon. Hood quite light, weighing less than 150 grams. Energy consumption is relatively low , compared to the energy consumption of the car close to music with high bright light can pass through. Light through the built-in Control Panel headliner adjusted so that the light is too bright due to driving Buzhi Yu temporarily invisible .



 Opel Adam hood Freudenberg LED lights use 64pcs

Opel Adam hood Freudenberg LED lights use 64pcs


Customer has five styling options, from different kinds of colors, the autumn leaves and blue sky with white clouds . "From the trend, consumers can have more personal cars to choose from ," Freudenber NOK machinery, technology business manager Wulf Bramesfeld said. "Freudenberg is a flexible printed circuit board technology expert , but this is the first large-scale use of this technology , and with the new material with the use of How the line is connected to the lamp , and the accurate placement thin and is the arc-shaped plane is challenge . now standard solutions baked , let our customers -Opel quite satisfied . " from improved production figures, this hood quite popular.


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