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Why do some LED lighting enterprise can not expand the scale?
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-1

 Why do some LED lighting enterprise can not expand the scale



  1. To make money , there is no ideal
  2. Lack of awareness of the modern enterprise
  3. Do not keep learning
  4. Reluctant to share the benefits




Recently contacted a number of small and micro lighting company with annual sales ranging from a few million to tens of millions , some operating for nearly two decades . These business owners origin roots , not afraid of hardship , from scratch , and now through the efforts of hard assets of millions, a car has room ( or villa ) . In the eyes of the world , they can be described as a successful career, is typical of the inspirational figure , but doing business perspective , is still in a very early stage, there are successful companies from great distances , the boss can only be termed personal as a businessman, far from entrepreneurs.


Many of these lighting companies have a common characteristic, scale the status quo for years , unable to break through , even bigger and smaller . Many of these people certainly want to further expand the business , it is best to become a listed company , topped the major media , but often only look born sigh , Xinyou inadequate. What causes it ? Author observed down, feeling there is some of the following questions .


First, to make money , there is no ideal


Most entrepreneurs are forced to, the family was poor , reading less , find a good job , and only start this road . Purpose is to change people 's poverty , the starting point is to make money doing things as a standard , not to mention a huge change in the industry or social ideals , which led to two drawbacks: First, do anything to make money , quick success, take the risk. Some bosses year fortunes of the road and unfair , either through government-business relations , either tax evasion . This part of the enterprise afraid bigger, bigger because once famous, the company will be exposed in public under the inglorious history could be pulled out . The second is content with, continue to struggle to lose the passion . Today, some people see the cause have become small , arrogant , arrogant, feel good about themselves , think we should enjoy. And difficulties easily back down, unwilling to bet the entire net worth of forging ahead , leaving the old thinking retreat , if not stop in time to save the existing wealth.


Second , the lack of awareness of the modern enterprise


These companies are mostly concentrated in lighting technology content without traditional industries engaged in processing and manufacturing of the majority, early opportunities, as long as the courageous and willing to endure hardship will be able to make money. Passage of time, in what is now the transformation and upgrading of the environment , they have been unable to adapt to , and become the object of being eliminated . In their minds , still remain in production - sales, purchase - sellers make the difference in phase. Bones no R & D , brand awareness and outside the brain consciousness. These are necessary to become a modern enterprise .

In addition , there is no capital and financial concepts . Many people still farmerist , playing safe , living within our means , I hope rolling development step by step . They are reluctant to introduce diluted share capital , always feel hundred percent holding companies is their own , and some people even think that debt is bad, never to bank loans . This approach seems sound , there is no risk , in fact, hidden risky . Market competition, the ones devour the small , fast fish eat slow fish , opportunity fleeting , do not seize the opportunity to expand, rapidly scale, will be out of the market .


Third, do not keep learning


There are two extreme cases , a class of people that only know how to bow to pull carts, I do not know look up the road all day, guarding their own third of an acre , everything themselves, attend to and learn from peers or interbank experience , and ultimately his exhausted ; hungry for knowledge of other people , without screening and selection. They participated in four training and lectures, the teacher spoke good to hear this today , back then a radical reform of the company , personnel changes in structure adjustment , tomorrow, very excited to hear that theory , turn the front adjustment reinvent the wheel, fiddle , beating.


Their knowledge is limited, can make use of the power of others , please understand people do, such as hiring professional managers. But these bosses are usually professional managers do not trust , you can not let go and let the reins. Results are often two sides broke up , toss some enterprises , but also to pick up from scratch . After an unpleasant cooperation , the boss will be more distrust outsiders , and after everything on my own and master , businesses can do much last depends entirely on the individual's progress boss .


Fourth, do not want to share the benefits


Maximize their blind pursuit of their own interests , there is no concept of shared interests . In trying to squeeze suppliers and external partners, industry reputation is getting worse, and makes us reluctant to do business with . Within the company only fine without reward , the deduction of employee salary bonuses, do not even sign a contract not to buy social security, discord , staff turnover rate is high .


Ideas determine , decide the future pattern . Ultimately, companies do not rooted in the founder , such as change themselves, to overcome the above problems, might be able to achieve a breakthrough .


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