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LED News

Indoor LED panel technology to create sun
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2014-4-14


 Indoor LED panel technology to create " sun " 





Just the most important natural sun light, which shine on the earth , so that the whole world colorfull. Lighting used in our daily lives , it is artificial light , is much weaker than the sun , and also contained in the proportion of visible light and sunlight is different.


Then, in the evening sunlight or indoor how to feel it ?



Paolo di Trapani , Italy Ys Boulia University developed this new technology , the " artificial daylight ." The prototype uses an LED panel , and divergence through transparent plastic panels. Major breakthrough in the art and is not visible to the naked eye , but in the panel throughout the titania nanoparticles !




The main task of these particles that scatter light color - this principle with sunlight through the Earth 's atmosphere like .


Some people might think that to do so " unnecessary " , but because the process is simulated Reylight scattering physics , so make the light appear more "real ."



In fact, "natural light levels of quality," helps relieve mild depression and reduce stress. And when the problem , we do not always have access to it .


Therefore, after the popularity of the new technology , people can at home behind the curtain " draw " a beautiful spring , while ignoring whether the wind and rain outside .


Of course , the popularity of technology, there is always a process. Although currently no related products for sale, but di Trapani and his team had planned by a company called CoeLux company , sales in the coming years.




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