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LED News

LED industry has begun to enter the peak season
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-8-27

 LED industry has begun to enter the peak season

August 27, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "intensify its efforts to ensure the realization of 2013 emission reduction targets and tasks of the notice", according to "notice" the spirit of the NDRC, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and collectively responsible for promoting the implementation of green lighting project, the implementation of semiconductors lighting (LED) energy industry planning, continue to implement energy-saving products projects that benefit the promotion of efficient lighting products 130 million. According to information zhengbao informed of future financial subsidies from the fluorescent green lighting to LED and other energy efficient lighting products.
Zhengbao information on the domestic LED enterprises survey was informed that since August, most manufacturers of orders has improved significantly more than in June, the industry boom show encouraging signs, which still account for lighting commercial lighting most orders. LED backlight demand in the mobile terminal, TV manufacturers experienced a consumption of 6,7 month inventory, start for the National Day, Christmas stocking, order visibility greater; lighting demand side, household products due to the channel and pricing issues, the current penetration rate is still is not high.
According to industry experts, LED lighting products in the market penetration is hierarchical, depending on the user price sensitivity, energy urgency and other factors. In general, from the lighting applications market segments, long factory lighting, commercial lighting needs first outbreak, local lighting applications quickly penetrate and eventually gradually household lighting.
LED commercial lighting market dynamics alarming outbreak this year. According to rough statistics, the first half of the LED lights has totaled over $ 20 billion bid, some provinces tender amount as of now, has been far more than the 2012 level of the year. As LED technology matures, prices show a downward trend, the government will be more low-cost promotion, including commercial lighting, including LED lights, high-growth can be expected. Meanwhile, as the law has been repeatedly verified Haitz, LED lighting luminous efficiency increased dramatically, overall costs have been lower than the energy-saving lamps, the family has become an acceptable alternative light sources.


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