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LED News

The LED will replace all of the world tradintion lighting within a decade
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-11-1

The LED will replace all of the world tradintion lighting within a decade


The new LED lighting technology , is expected to replace the nearly one hundred years of human use of traditional lighting technologies. As global energy shortage , this environmentally friendly energy-saving light industry more and more attention . Then the future of LED market leading new trends , what is it ?

From the television , lamps, automotive, agriculture to medical equipment, lighting technology in our daily lives using a wide range of fields. As energy shortage and environmental pollution problem is serious, advanced light industrial market is also growing concern .
Kwang Industry Promotion Association executive vice president Zhao Rong Town: "Because the world recognize the safety of nuclear power plants , so the future will dominate the global energy-efficient LED light industry market , will be related to the rapid development of the field of light ."
As large companies and related enterprises to actively participate , Korea optical industry has leap-type development . LED technology is only used in the original family of lamps, later developed into the outdoor industry and many other fields . In this process, the Korean companies with leading edge technology began to dominate the market. South Korean companies in the Japanese market has become a major source of supply in the Americas also expand the market. Korea Gwangju Mayor Jiang Yun too : "with the LED can not only diagnose the disease , it can treat disease , I think this industry continues to develop, integration between various related industries , will become South Korea's creation of economic ."
Experts predict that less than a decade , the world's LED lighting have all been replaced . Light industry has become to solve the energy and environmental issues keywords, it is with great market potential and broad prospects much the people 's expectations . 


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