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LED knowledge

Flexible LED strip Manufacturing Process
From: The Site Author: LIGHTUP LED DateTime: 2013-7-29

The Manufacturing Process of Flexible LED strip as following

  1. Solder paste printing.

    Stir the solder paste after warming it, print small quantity of pastes (optimally make the solder pastes reach 3/2 of scraper while the scraper is moving forward) on the steel screen. Attention should be paid to observe the sufficiency of solder pastes at LED soldering pad in FPC and check to ensure no short circuit. This is a critical step to ensure further processing will get good quality product.

  2. Patching.

    Place printed FPC at jig, it will automatically be sent to the place for patching. Patching machine is programmed that once the first FPC is successfully patched other FPCs will be stably processed. Attentions should be paid to avoid mix-up of LED polarity, electric resistance and right position of patching.
  3. In-process checking.

    Check and ensure the polarity of LED in Flexible LED strip doesn’t be reversed, patching is in right position, no circuit and the resistance value is correct.

  4. Backflow soldering.

    Controlling of backflow temperature is important in this step since low temperature will cause cold soldering that solder paste can not fusion well while high temperature will make FPC generate bubble. Besides, pre-heat temperature should be appropriate since low temperature will cause incomplete volatile of flux and the residue affects the appearance, while high temperature cause earlier volatile of flux and may generate solder balls.

  5. Finished product checking.

    Check the appearance of product to see whether poor soldering, solder ball and short circuit etc exist, and then check the electricity to test whether the electricity property is good and parameters are correct.
  6. Packing.

    Commonly Flexible LED strip is packed 5 meters per roll in static proof and dampproof bag. Accessories should be packed together with the strips whenever appropriate to ensure customer can use it conveniently.


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